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    MS 325 Emergency Telegraph


    The MS 325 is simply applicable in all frequently occurring situations. Many advantages can be achieved:
    • In case of lost control of the  motor/pitch, operation still stays possible
    • By using LEDs, defect indication lights are rules out
    • LEDs do not blind, due to the built-in dimming function
    • Cabling costs are reduced due to a two wire communication line
    • Can be directly connected to a Voyage Data Recorder
    • Bridge unit can be connected to two (2) engine room slave units.


    • The MS 325 can be applied in all ships that have a remote controlled engine of a propeller with a variable pitch.


    • 11 positions (9 commands / 2 signals)
    • Position indication by LEDs
    • 2 units system (bridge & engine room)
    • Posibility to use one (1) bridge unit, connected to up to two (2) engine room slave units
    • Two wire bus connection between the units (Modbus RTU)
    • Can be easily connected to a Voyage Data Recorder
    • Dimensions 96x144x60mm (WxHxD)
    • cut out: 91x139x60mm (WxHxD)
    • Power supply 24Vdc

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